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Customer Services & Guarantees


All our products are guaranteed with respect to both materials and workmanship. Should you find any defect whatsoever we will replace / repair the product immediately — or refund you the cost, if you prefer.  This applies to products you have just bought, not for products that have had wear and tear.

Should a pair of shoes not fit you, or if you are not happy with a product for any other reason, please return it in good order and we will replace it or refund you.  A discretionary handling fee will be charged.  If wanting an exchange, the return postage cost will be for your account.


We offer a quality repair and resoling service for Groundcover Products ONLY, using the same methods and care we used in their original making. We, unfortunately cannot repair products from other manufacturers.

It is a good idea to send your products in early though, as they may become more costly or impossible to repair if they are too worn.

Please return your product/s to Groundcover and on receipt, an assessment is done. If repairable or unrepairable, we will contact you with the relevant costs.


We can make most of our existing footwear styles in colours other than those in our standard production range.  Please contact us for a quote

This is far more difficult for bags, due to issues concerning availability of materials.
We are unfortunately not able to make shoes or bags in other styles or patterns other than our own as they are hand-cut and patterns and knives are required to do this.


We are able to make adjustment to our own products to fit unusual feet or accommodate special needs. For basic fitting problems — like a high arch or broad feet — we can build up our own lasts and use most of the style patterns in our current range.


We can also make individual pairs in different sizes or sole heights.
Orders must be made in person, however, as accurate measurements will have to be taken to make the correct adjustments. Where more specialised work is required, we work with our orthotists, who will take moulds of your feet and develop lasts for us to work with.

Please contact us  more information and prices of our special services.